It’s hard to beat the enjoyment of sitting and lying down on a very nice and comfortable sofa. That’s why we bring exclusive varieties of upholstery with opulent and exquisite color palettes, textures, and patterns. All for providing the understated elegance of sofa design to fulfill your need for some relaxing times and me-time moments. As an extension of its quality, we also provide distinctive furnishing, as well as sofa design selection, custom pleating, and quilting program. Comfort has never been better than this.
When it comes to interior, drapery never fails to give a pleasant touch to the whole space appearance. Choose from our selective designs of curtain fabric collection which designed with high aesthetic considerations of color trend, pattern, and texture. And what’s more interesting, having splendid curtains in your house now becomes easier. Tell us what you have in mind about certain curtains that you want, and we will provide you with a non-stop excellent service, starting from design selection, customization option, measurement, sewing, to fitting process in your home based on your specification and style. Since it is equally important for us that your drapery will always look fresh and new, we will be preparing a dedicated team to fulfill after sales and maintenance services. 
What more could you ask for?
Looking for the right furniture and home accessories? Look no further, because Vania provides excellent furniture as the perfect addition to your interior. Crafted from various fine materials, each furnishing ensures uncompromising details and exclusivity. Strengthen the character of your home by incorporating Vania’s home accessory line, including lamps and lightings, and also appealing ornaments for your decoration needs. What a fun way to embellish the interior.
Kisah Living is an innovative and inspiring Indonesian furniture, design and lifestyle brand. Kisah Living are committed to exceptional design without compromising on quality.
High quality fabrics provide warmth and comfort at home, Fabric goes through a long process before it ends up as sofa cover, and each fabric undergoes a different process. It makes that every fabric has a story that knots tightly with the owner.
Let us paint beautiful stories together in every corner of your home.
Because every furniture has a story.

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